FEMA Flood Elevation Certificate

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This is a highly technical document which must be filled out by a professional land surveyor based upon data collected in the field. The surveyor first identifies the property location on a Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) which shows the 100-year flood location and in AE zones and their 100-year flood values. The surveyor then takes those values and using survey techniques determines the elevation of the house and adjacent ground level.  At times, a property map appear to be in a flood zone per the graphical representation on the FEMA flood map which could warrant flood insurance.  In actuality, the structure may be above the elevation used to make the flood zone determination and an elevation certificate us used to prove this therefore rendering the need for flood insurance null.

This document is used to determine whether or not flood insurance will be required for that specific property.

This form can be utilized for residential and commercial properties.

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