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What to do after you have your land surveyed? 3 simple steps to protect your biggest investment.
So you had your property surveyed, great now what? Here are some simple steps to help you always know where your boundaries are.
1) Walk the lines. Even better get the surveyor to walk around the property with you so he or she can explain everything in detail and answer any questions your May have. This will help you remember where your line and corners are years down the road. The local standard here in Franklin and western North Carolina is for the surveyor to trim the property lines and mark and paint them, this isn’t a state requirement but it’s very helpful when it comes time the walk the lines.
2) After a couple of years these lines will tend to become over grown with new vegetation so either you as a property owner needs to trim these lines out again or probably the best way would to have the surveyor come back out to “freshen up” the lines. This will cost but not as much as it was to have it initially surveyed.
3) You will also want to protect the actual property corners as well. Many times they will get cover up by debris or even accidentally get removed, a good way to have a another visual marker and to protect these is to drive a metal fence post is the ground next to it, this lets everyone who walks near it know that something important must be near.
Following these 3 simple steps will allow you to keep your boundaries maintained and your property corners safe or years to come.